using static variables as fake globals in C

global variables can be a life safer solution in cases of having abstract complex structs that we need to access from many part of the our code and free maybe, but sadly they’re a bad practice and can raises issues when the complexity of our programs reaches a hard to control degree (or forbidden by your school assignments rules like my case), so what’s the solution?

it’s commune knowledge that static variables maintain their values even when they’re out of their scope but when we start writing more complex code in C a need for applying that concept to our allocated structs variables raises more and more which can be easily done in the following way:

let’s assume we have a struct that represents a point in space with coordinates x and y:

the trick to preserve the value of this struct pointer variable through all our code is in the way of writing our object/struct constructor that we make our struct pointer static in it:

now we can access the same struct variable that our constructor returns whenever we call our constructor no matter where in our code, but we can’t change it non manually via the constructor so we code a setter:

and to show you a fully working example of how this can be used:

the output is:

p->x: 4 p->y: 8
p->x: 42 p->y: 1337




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Khalil Hafni

Khalil Hafni

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